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17 Quick Hits On SEO For Blog Posts

Checklist for Optimizing Your Blog Posts for Local SEO

☐ Front-load the title tag
Google puts more weight on words found in the beginning of the title tag.

☐ Seo-friendly urls
Create short and sweet urls that include the target keyword.

☐ Use multimedia in blog posts
Include at least 1 multimedia type (video, audio, images, and lists) in every blog post that gets published.

☐ Use outbound links
Include at least 2 outbound links to authority sites (popular blogs, news sites, and .edu and .gov resources) in every piece of content that gets published.

☐ Include the keyword in the beginning of the post
Include the target keyword in the first 100 words of the article.

☐ Wrap the target keyword in an H1 tag
Make sure the blog post’s title is in an H1 tag.

☐ Load time/pagespeed
Use the Google pagespeed insights tool to figure out the site’s loading speed.

☐ Add modifiers to the title tag
Add modifiers like “2020″, “best”, “guide”, and “review” to help rank for long tail versions of the target keyword.

☐ Use prominent social sharing buttons
Make sure the social sharing buttons are front and center on blog posts and articles.

☐ Publish long content
Write at least 1500 words for content with competitive keywords.

☐ Slash bounce rate
Include internal links at the top of the article.

☐ Use LSI keywords
Include 1-2 LSI keywords in every article.

Dwell time
Write long, engaging content that keeps people reading. Put a lot of effort into making the first paragraph interesting and compelling.

☐ Internal linking
Add 2-3 internal links to older articles when it gets published.

☐ H2 and H3 tags
Include the keyword once in an h2 or h3 subheading.

☐ Image optimization
Tag the images with keyword-rich alt text & captions

☐ Optimize clicks to content
Make sure high-priority pages are no more than 3 clicks away from the homepage.

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