Local Search – SEO Optimization Checklist

Local SEO Services | Local SEO Checklist With the rise of social signals as well as reviews in terms of Google paying closer attention to what is being said about your business, products and services. Google has also started the process of interpreting user search behaviors and making a few presumptions that most users prefer […]

17 Quick Hits On Optimizing Your Blog Posts

Local SEO Services | Checklist for Optimizing Your Blog Posts ☐ Front-load the title tag Google puts more weight on words found in the beginning of the title tag. ☐ Seo-friendly urls Create short and sweet urls that include the target keyword. ☐ Use multimedia in blog posts Include at least 1 multimedia type (video, […]

How To Perform Keyword Research For SEO & SEM

Local SEO Services | How To Perform Keyword Research For SEO & SEM In an effort to give our both our SEO (search engine optimization) & SEM (search engine marketing) clients a sample process on how to perform keyword research, it’s not a complete “to-do” but it’s intended to show that there’s a little rhyme […]