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Q: I want to rank number 1 on Google, can you guarantee that for my site?

A: Well, if only we had a dollar for every time we were asked that. Ok, here’s the deal… is it possible, YES. Can we guarantee it? While we would certainly be confident in producing results for you, we could never or would never be able to guarantee that it gets there & stays there. Without performing our own due diligence first and foremost, there are over 200 different elements that factor into how the ever-changing Google algorithm ranks your website, it would be difficult to determine within the first 5 min of a meeting whether or not it was possible. For instance, would it be possible to organically rank #1 for “shoes”? Doubtful, unless you had a lot of time to wait and a whole lot of money! Now something like “men’s wingtips”, might be more attainable with the right strategy in place.

Q: Did I do something to offend the almighty Googs, why isn’t my site showing up?

A: There are any number of reasons why your site might not be showing up for a particular keyword. Rankings and the positions are not static, and whether Google wants to fess up to every algorithm change it makes; they happen all the time. Maybe not the major rollouts like Panda and Penguin, but little tweaks here and there are always rolling out. You might be fortunate enough to hold a first page rank/position for a little while, but there’s a chance that it might not always be the case. But with a thorough search engine optimization strategy in place, we can help get you there and with a little work and elbow grease, keep you there while bringing up any lagging keywords, products or services.

Q: Did my site get penalized… there’s been a serious drop-off in traffic?

A: Sites typically don’t receive a penalty unless something’s been detected as purposefully trying to deceive the search engines. It could be from Google detecting hidden elements, something fishy in your code, efforts to artificially inflate link popularity, or game Google on some other level. If you’re not playing games and your site disappears, it’s probably because of an algorithm roll-out.

Search engines are constantly tweaking their algorithms, and thousands of new sites are created every day, so fluctuations are par for the course. If you see something that doesn’t make sense, give it a few days before hitting the panic button.

Bear with us, we have a lot of them and they don’t always make sense… so we’re working on cleaning them up and getting you some Q&A that is actually useful.