Local SEO Optimization Checklist

Quick Rundown of Local SEO Points to Lock Down With the rise of social signals as well as reviews in terms of Google paying closer attention to what is being said about your business, products and services. Google has also started the process of interpreting user search behaviors and making a few presumptions that most […]

17 Quick Hits On SEO For Blog Posts

Checklist for Optimizing Your Blog Posts for Local SEO ☐ Front-load the title tag Google puts more weight on words found in the beginning of the title tag. ☐ Seo-friendly urls Create short and sweet urls that include the target keyword. ☐ Use multimedia in blog posts Include at least 1 multimedia type (video, audio, […]

SEO / Search Engine Optimization Glossary

SEO / Search Engine Optimization Glossary 301 – A permanent redirect for a web page that has had its URL rewritten, changed or is no longer available. More on 301s from Google’s Help Forum Algorithm – A process written for search engines to determine what web pages to show based on what a user is […]

Competitive Research for Better SEO

Local SEO Services | Build A Better Website Through Knowing Who Your Competitors Are & What They’re Engaged In We’ve been asked more than a few times about what “competitive research” means with regards to “my website”. Competitive research extends beyond just your website, knowing your competition and what you’re up against is also a […]

Keyword Research

Local SEO Services | Keyword Research & Analysis Not just for SEO, keyword research & analysis should be the backbone of any Digital Marketing, Paid Search & Optimization strategy. It all begins with keyword research, whether it’s an SEO campaign or for PPC. While everyone might have “their” way of performing keyword research for an […]

On-page SEO, Website Optimization & Best Practices

On-page SEO, Website Optimization & Best Practices From Local SEO Experts In building upon the keyword and competitive research, as well as taking into account some of the patterns that were uncovered via comparative analysis with other websites occupying top positions in the organic search results, we start to formulate some options that relate to […]

Off-page SEO & Website Optimization

Local SEO Services | Off-page Optimization Google has made it clear that they look at your backlinks, social signals and any reviews it can find with regards to your business, products and/or services; all of which gets blended into the stew that is off-page optimization or off-page ranking factors. There are a few things we […]

Ongoing Optimization / SEO

Local SEO Services | Ongoing Website Optimization SEO is not static, nor is it intended to be a “set it and forget it” type of process. Your website, along with its code, should be organic enough to respond to the change in user behavior. Goals are in all likelihood going to undergo some manner of change […]

SEO & Website Optimization Audits

Local SEO Services | Search Engine Optimization Audits Before getting started with any conversation about what search engine optimization might mean for your business and website, we need to uncover what we’re working with FIRST before attempting any kind of strategic planning or growth hacking (one of our favorite industry buzzwords that have popped up in […]