Ongoing Optimization / SEO

Ongoing Optimization / SEO

Local SEO Services | Ongoing Website Optimization

SEO is not static, nor is it intended to be a “set it and forget it” type of process. Your website, along with its code, should be organic enough to respond to the change in user behavior.

Cleveland SEO / Website Optimization Services | Blackgate Creative

Cleveland SEO / Website Optimization Services | Blackgate Creative

Goals are in all likelihood going to undergo some manner of change throughout the course of your website’s lifecycle. Since it’s inevitable that your goals will change as your market and industry changes, so will the strategies to enable your company to continue to grow. Which of course trickles down to the various tactics that you’ll need to employ to maximize opportunities for exposure as well as increase the number of potential customer touch-points. Ongoing optimization is an all encompassing effort to make sure your website is in a position to effectively meet and respond to those changes.

Google Webmaster Tools

Once your site is validated via Google Webmaster Tools, it will begin to collect data and help identify any issues that relate to search engine optimization. Some of the data we tend to play close attention to is:

  • Errors (404s, 501s)
  • Additional crawl errors that pop up when Google tries to crawl your site
  • Queues to how your website, products, keywords are performing in search

Part of our process includes making sure that Webmaster Tools is tied into a Google Analytics property and your Analytics property is configured properly.

Action Items

Just monitoring data isn’t enough. There needs to be some actionable insights that you can take to your next meeting or better yet, that jumpstarts work on some different strategies to respond to what’s going on with your users and your website. We can help identify problem areas and work with your IT team to fix problems with indexing, duplicate content, manual penalties from Google. Our goal, as the process implies, is continual process improvement to help feed your website with all of the goodies that keep existing users coming back and new users finding out how truly awesome your socks are.

Scanning AND Testing

Part of our ongoing optimization process is to set-up a series of goals and some actionable items that will help us along the way. We use a combination of tools to regularly scan your website for the good, the bad and the truly concerning items that require immediate attention. We aim to identify problems with pages and sections of your website in an effort to remove any sticking points or barriers that may hinder the user experience.

For example, mobile devices are picking up speed to the point of nearly surpassing desktops as the first user touch-point regarding search. People are using their phones to browse and research, then once they reach the office or their home, completing their sock purchases on a different device. We look at the experience you are trying to create for your mobile users and look for ways that can be improved.

Questions about what ongoing optimization is and what it can mean for your website/business?

Hop on over to the contact page and let us know!

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