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Off-page SEO & Website Optimization

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Google has made it clear that they look at your backlinks, social signals and any reviews it can find with regards to your business, products and/or services; all of which gets blended into the stew that is off-page optimization or off-page ranking factors. There are a few things we check to determine the impact off-page optimization factors have with regards to making sure your socks match and are contributing to your optimization efforts.


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Off-page optimization strategy and tactics for local small businesses.

Also called an inbound link, a backlink is any link from an external website that links back to your webpage or website. There are a bevy of tools out there to help identify the backlinks to your website. We use a combination of tools to make sure that the links pointing back to your site are helping vs. hurting your website in the eyes of search. We look at the URLs, the anchor text or text linking back to your website, and where those links appear. In the latest rounds of Google algorithm updates, Google is trying to make itself clear as to what is going to help your site vs. what might result in a penalty. It’s looking for naturally occurring, organically grown links whereas in years past, a website owner might have gotten away with buying links, creating generic forum profiles with posts about recycled socks, or throwing up any old article, about any old sock with a link back to the site. Part of our process is finding the backlinks that are not providing value and helping to clean up any of that dirty laundry.

Link Building

Part of the process used to uncover your backlinks, can also be used to help identify the potential for adding quality backlinks to further the optimization process. Some of the tools used in performing competitor research can also be used to perform research on where your competitors’ backlinks originate. Once we have a list in hand, we can help develop a strategy around reaching out to those sites for a similar link back to your site.

Social Signals

Another area that Google is paying close attention to is what content from your site is being shared around the web. Is your content, your posts, your tweets being retweeted and do those links points back to some part of your website. Is your website linked up with the popular social media channels and are you actively posting about your innovative sock research? More importantly, are the people you’re trying to reach getting your message and find it revolutionary enough to also share? Maybe revolutionary is strong word but is your content helpful, does it solve a problem and are you active in social media trying to help people solve their problems.


The days of being able to +1 a page maybe gone, but Google is always hunting for reviews about your business, products and services. Why? If someone takes the time to give you a favorable review, it means that someone out there found your “socks” helpful. So in their mind, if enough people have taken the time to review your “socks”, it must mean that certain searches or certain user pain points can be alleviated by your products. While there are some technical considerations to be made, we try to find ways to work in reviews to help the optimization effort.

Questions about what off-page optimization is and how that fits in with overall optimization?

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